Why I created My Billet Doux

My Billet Doux was an idea I had quite a few years ago. I am pleased to have made it real. Combining years of collecting fabrics and ribbons with wanting to create a keepsake and something special is what drove me to create My Billet Doux - a silk cushion with a 'je ne sais quoi".

I was also saddened by the fact that we were loosing touch with writing with a pen and discoverning someone's handwriting but also that we might not write as much as before. Everything in our lives is so fast paced with technology- the internet and social media I really wanted to create a cushion where one could write something beautiful, meaningful and gift it to a loved one or someone who made an impact in your life. That's when it all came together and I created a pocket at the back of the cushion to keep a notebook and pen - for the unexpected message, love notes and drawings to be left.

Have you ever received a note that's made you feel special? Isn't it still wonderful to get a surprise message or gift? Life is hard at times and I think it is essential to be reminded that we are loved. That's what My Billet Doux is- love wrapped up in history in the shape of a silk cushion.


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