I learned about Natalia and her company My Billet Doux through a testimonial she was giving for someone else. Natalia’s own personal story is a compelling one, and resonates. Her story peaked my curiosity about her business and products. Visiting her website and on Instagram, I’m impressed with her meticulous attention to detail she pours into her products. I admire her ability to do something that is so genuine to her, and to do so with much love, care, and attention to every detail.

Eventually, I decided to purchase a gift for my daughter. Selecting the gift is a wonderful process, and I was so excited for her to receive it. It arrived quickly and in excellent condition. My daughter is delighted with her specially crafted gift from My Billet Doux.

I’m equally thrilled about your new product line that emphasizes self care, and provides a foundation for building new routines that can help bring one into alignment with oneself. Having such a routine is highly beneficial and I’m looking forward to treating myself to such a gift! Thank you Natalia for your lovely creations from My Billet Doux!

- Sincerely, Deanna Sigel

Choosing a My Billet Doux cushion was one of my favourite parts bar it being used in the ceremony. The choice of fabric and ribbon was amazing and all exceptional quality! So tough to choose but Natalia was on hand to help out and give a bit of background on the age of the ribbons. All very interesting and helpful and had a lovely chat and cup of tea discussing the wedding plans. Natalia’s workshop is lovely and very welcoming. I stored the beautiful box with my cushion in safely until the big day and ensured Castle Howard kept it in the room with my wedding dress. It was wrapped so well and both myself and Garry couldn’t believe how much work had gone into the cushion and the wrapping of the cushion. Everything done to make sure your special day was even more special. My stepchildren brought our rings on the cushion down the aisle and they were so careful with it. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer ring cushion. This meant a lot to me as they were able to play a part in mine and their dads big day. The cushion is now in my walk in wardrobe on display with some of my other wedding items. It’s nice to look at and see them whenever I go in. A constant reminder of an amazing day.

- Lauren Fox