The Idea

Tucked away in a secret place is a hand written letter. It might be a hastily written note that passes on sweet nothings, a substantial account of daily life or a single sheet of paper with words that change someone’s world.

My billet doux concept


Letters are powerful. They are unique in their ability to capture history and convey love.

My Billet Doux (pronounced bee-yay-doo and literally translated as ‘sweet note’) brings the lost art of letter writing back to life in an utterly charming way.

We make beautiful handmade silk cushions and they are available in two designs.

  • Love cushion with a discreet pocket on the back to store a notebook and pen that come with it.
  • Envelope cushion with an envelope style opening to keep letter pressed note cards and a pen, and display you rings or jewellery pieces or to just send a gorgeous love note.

The cushions are decorated with a vintage ribbon, each with a story of its own and some dating back to the 1800s.

The idea?

Write a letter or note to someone and leave it tucked in the Love Cushion to be discovered. Or keep a diary of thoughts, hidden from view.

Write a beautiful note or wedding vows and place them in the Envelope Cushion, with or without an item of jewellery as a special gift.

In years to come, you can relive the moment, revive old memories and pass them on to future generations.  My Billet Doux captures the romance of letter writing, while creating your own written heritage and having a beautiful keepsake in your home.

Buy a single cushion or a pair – one for each correspondent. How you use them is up to you. Their aim is to simply spread love and to create something lasting.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a love of nostalgia, romance and the written word. The notebook enables you to leave messages, love notes or drawings, for when you’re apart – or when you’re together…

 “… since my separation from you I feel that I love you a thousand fold more. Each day since I knew you, have I adored you more and more.”

- Napoleon to Josephine 

A few ideas on how to use our cushions

  • Newly weds

A perfect wedding gift. Start off your lives together with a tradition of love letter writing. You can also use one of our Envelope Cushions to present your rings at your wedding ceremony and keep your vows close or maybe a picture of someone who can't be with you on your special day.


  • Anniversaries

A thoughtful anniversary gift. The first wedding anniversary is paper. The fourth or twelfth are silk. But with a love letter inside, our cushions will make any anniversary special. A piece of jewellery can also be slipped in our Envelope Cushions to celebrate this occasion.


  • Valentines, Birthdays or just to say I love you

A romantic gift year round. Keep the love alive with secret notes to and from each other.


  • The birth of a baby or a child’s birthday

A Christening gift with a difference. A cushion for the nursery where a parent, godparent or grandparent might write notes to the child, to read once they’re older. A diary of love created just for them. A place to cherish milestones and special dates in a child's life.

  • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

A gift from a child to their parent. Write notes to each as little reminders of why you love each other when life gets busy.


  • A new home gift, a get well gift or simply to stay in touch

For a close friend, a grown child leaving home or a sibling or grandparent you no longer live with, My Billet Doux is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving every time you visit them by leaving a note.

  • A thank you

Say thank you to someone who has made a change in your life or has helped you and give them something special that they can keep. You can write a message in the notebook provided to remind them how great they are.

  • A secret diary

Write to yourself. Capture your thoughts, your motivational words, your mantras, your words of self love. Keep them tucked out of sight. Whimsical or weighty, it’s something to be passed on in time or revisited years later. 


  • A unique idea for hotel guests

If you run a romantic B&B or boutique hotel, place My Billet Doux® cushions on the beds and invite guests to share their love stories in the hidden notebook. Guests will take delight in the anonymous tales of others, and it will create a talking point that they’ll share with friends.

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