• A new way to keep the handwritten note

    by Natalia

    Today we are thrilled to interview New York based Illustrator and
    painter Anja Riebensahm from Das Brooklyn about her love for the
    handwritten letter.

  • 6 tips to love yourself Everyday

    by Natalia

    Sometimes I wonder what we are so unkind to ourselves?
    Social media images can make us feel bad, images in the media too. It’s
    not easy to keep on being confident and loving ourselves everyday. I do
    believe that you need to do work on yourself every single day to keep
    living your best life. By loving yourself first you have space to love
    and care for others too. It takes time, it takes strength (not to
    compare yourselves to others) but it's really worth it.

  • Learn to Love- my story

    by Natalia

    We are made of a multitude of stories, some good and some bad- but
    they all contribute to who we are. But we have to remember that our
    stories do not define us. Labels are put on us sometimes but that's not
    who we are ( I will have to tell you the story of a label that was put
    on me many years ago and that I dragged behind me for so long- but not
    today). It is up to us to control how we feel, it's up to us to decide
    what we want to put out, what we want to talk about, it is up to us to decide how we react.

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