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  • Dear My Billet Doux

    by Natalia

    I just received the most wonderful note from my 7 year old... my own "billet doux" to cherish.

    It reads "To mum I love you very much. you are as prity as gold. Lot of love from Lex. PS. I know you like rabits."

    I think we sometimes have to take example from our children - they write straight from the heart without inhibitions- we should too.

    Are you able to write easily? Or do you find it hard like I do?

  • The RHS Chatsworth Flower opens for the 1st year today

    by Natalia

    Dear My Billet Doux

    We are proud to be exhibitors at the RHS Chatsworth flower show in the glorious grounds of the Chatsworth estate. It is the first year it is taking place so we hope you will come and visit and see us and the gorgeous gardens. sculptures and stands.

    Could you please bring the sunshine as the weather has been a bit grim...

    See you soon

  • Why I created My Billet Doux

    by Natalia

    My Billet Doux was an idea I had quite a few years ago. I am pleased to have made it real. Combining years of collecting fabrics and ribbons with wanting to create a keepsake and something special is what drove me to create My Billet Doux - a silk cushion with a 'je ne sais quoi".

    I was also saddened by the fact that we were loosing touch with writing with a pen and discoverning someone's handwriting but also that we might not write as much as before. Everything in our lives is so fast paced with technology- the internet and social media I really wanted to create a cushion where one could write something beautiful, meaningful and gift it to a loved one or someone who made an impact in your life. That's when it all came together and I created a pocket at the back of the cushion to keep a notebook and pen - for the unexpected message, love notes and drawings to be left... (read more)

  • On the road again with the “Antiques road show” 40 th anniversary edition

    by Natalia

    Read more]The Antiques Road show is as popular as ever and hasn’t changed that much since its inception in the late 70’s as last Sunday’s episode revealed. The program attracts wider audiences and is comforting to watch on a Sunday night. Part of its appeal is that it brings people together in a gorgeous setting such as Castle Howard. But most importantly it makes the public realise that there are still finds, albeit less now, and beautiful items to be discovered that are sometimes astonishingly valuable.

    Being in the antiques trade myself, I love watching it as the idea of quality and craftsmanship is always at its core whether it’s a diamond broach or a drawing by a well-known artist. The fact that some people really have an eye for the exceptional without knowing it is always awe-inspiring... (Read More)

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