• Storks capture imagination again after 600 years

    by Natalia

    Imagine a lovely village with a stream flowing in the middle- thatched houses in a row and at the top of the chimney a huge nest which welcomes storks every year. These would have been the scenes many Eastern European countries, the Netherlands and Germany would have witnessed - nesting storks bringing luck to the families in the houses.

  • 5 gift ideas to create a beautiful wedding at home

    by natalia

    In my blog post last week, we talked about weddings that have been cancelled and finding the positives. It isn't easy when you have had something you had organised, dreamed of postponed. By your love for each remains the same and should be celebrated. We suggested you create your own ceremony at home to mark a special date and have another memorable day to celebrate We have put a selection of lovely gifts you can share with couples that have postponed their weddings and make their day joyous, beautiful and fun. Enjoy!

  • Once upon a time in a Secret Garden

    by Natalia

    Last June York Wedding suppliers came together under the direction of Natalia Willmott to create a magical scene- a styled photoshoot around the fabulous rambling rose Gislaine de Feligonde which grows several meters in height in her garden in Stillingfleet.

  • Hand fasting ceremonies

    by Natalia

    Lynne Kennedy is a wedding and elopment  photographer who lives in a wooden house by the sea next to the Isle of Skye known as cloud island in Old Norse. Lynne captures the magical moment and connection between two people in the most beautiful natural scenery- on the Isle of Skye and the Highlands of Scotland. Today we talk to her about where she photographs and the handfasting ceremony -  a ritual of binding the hands together with ribbons in existence since the Celtic times.

  • Styling with heart, words adn ribbons

    by Natalia

    Katie from The Vintage House that Could is an extraordinary wedding stylist who incorporates vintage elements but turns them into a contemporary scene for her clients. She works all over the Uk and creates a bespoke experience, a day to truly remember. I love her use of florals, words and ribbons - making every little detail instagramable and was thrilled to be able to interview her.

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