6 tips to love yourself Everyday

Sometimes I wonder what we are so unkind to ourselves? Social media images can make us feel bad, images in the media too. It’s not easy to keep on being confident and loving ourselves everyday. I do believe that you need to do work on yourself every single day to keep living your best life. By loving yourself first you have space to love and care for others too. It takes time, it takes strength (not to compare yourselves to others) but it's really worth it.

Accept all the different stages of life and look forward

The ebbs and flow of life are what can make it magical but also can make it hard. Find the positive and the beautiful in each stage of your life. You can discover something new, learn a new lesson as long as you stay open to discovery. It’s good to imagine and it’s good to dream. 

Take care of yourself, your mind and body

What little things can you do every day to make yourself feel good? From applying your favourite face cream, to creating a beautiful healthy salad, to listening to an inspiring podcast, to walking in nature. Find the things that nourish you and give you energy.

Learn or try something new 

There’s nothing better than learning something new to energise yourself. It could be as simple as trying a new recipe, as walking a different way, as learning to draw or as visiting a new place. We need to add excitement, goals, experiences to our everyday. They don’t always need to be big but just doing something new is so fulfilling- it gives you something to talk about and becomes part of your story.

Say nice things to yourself

There is nothing wrong with self praise. We are often too quick in criticising ourselves, pointing out our flaws. We need to make sure that we talk more about the good things we do. 

Celebrate your achievements however small. Accept compliments from others. And tell the people you love that you do often. It’s amazing how kind and beautiful words can boost someone’s moral. 


Surround yourself with the right people

Have you noticed that some people always drain your energy? Well I believe these are not the right people for you. It’s okay not to be appreciated by everybody and it’s okay not to love everyone. Not everyone is going to understand you or your mission. Not everyone is going to have the same beliefs and values but I truly believe that being kind is always key.


Love and help others

There is nothing more fulfilling than giving your time and your attention to others, to causes that matter to you. There is nothing more rewarding to know that you have helped. Always thank for the help you receive and find ways to makes someone day even better. 


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