Tassels & charms

My Billet Doux vintage charms


Our cushions are gorgeous just as they are, but you can add little embellishments to make them even more special. 

We have a collection of charms and tassels, which are clipped onto the back pocket zip. Up to six charms can fit onto a gold bolt ring clasp. 

Our charms are small, hand made, vintage metal or silver ornaments. Others have semi precious stones, pearls or beads. I have spent years collecting them. All charms are available in limited quantities and in some cases, just one rare find exists. 

Each charm comes with a quote relating to it. They help to tell a story to the receiver, giving a message of romance, travel, individuality or luck. 


The charms and tassels can be purchased as a stand alone item. Shop charms / tassels.