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Do you have a love note you’d love to share? Send us a transcript or photo of it and we will feature it here. You can do this anonymously if you prefer.

Did you photograph your My Billet Doux in your favourite location? We would love to see.

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Introducing our new Instagram challenge!




We adore “love notes” because we know what impact they have on people. They become keepsakes that make your day awesome, inspire you and uplift you.

We would love you to share their positive messages with us- whether it’s a note you have received or a note you have written or a note you decide to write now.

A love note can be to yourself,  a loved one, a friend, a colleague, someone who works for you or even someone you don’t know, someone who inspires you….the only thing we ask is that it is handwritten.

There is something powerful seeing someone’s writing- the time that the pen has taken to glide on the paper, the shapes it makes that makes the message so poignant and authentic.


It doesn’t have to be a full note…It can be just a detail…a few words.

It doesn’t have to be written in the best language, the best script.

But is does have to be handwritten

It also has to be a positive message

It is open to absolutely everyone

Tag your themed posts with the #ShareALoveNote and send them to me by direct message (on Instagram) or tag me @Mybilletdoux. Please only use the hastags for posts related to this challenge… it will make these connections more beautiful and purposeful. Thank you.


What you love about yourself/the person you love


Memories and experiences shared

Note to future self

Just a few feel good words

Motivational and Inspirational words

A little poem