The story

The beginning

When I was at university, I went to my pigeon-hole and found a note with a set of keys.

The note said: 

“You have the keys to my heart; here are the keys to my flat.” 

my billet doux story

That note came from the man who would become my husband. Over the years, finding that note again and again amongst my belongings spurred on the idea for My Billet Doux. If a little note could create such joy and memories, surely it was something worth keeping in a special place? 

The journey

My entire life has been a journey to this idea. 

Growing up in Paris, I was raised with a sense of history and romance. As a child I collected calligraphy pens, perfume bottles, ribbons and pretty stickers. During my history of art student days, I was transported to the romance of a bygone era through the personal, handwritten letters of an early 19th- century portrait artist. 

Years later, having worked for a textile dealer, doing interior design and running my own shop selling art and antiques, led me to the idea of preserving beautiful snippets from the past. 

The passion

My Billet Doux® combines all of these passions. I wanted to create a gift or keepsake that revives the lost art of letter writing, while adding beauty to a home and romance to everyday life. 

And now it’s available to you to use however you like. Each cushion is made with love and captures a sliver of history. It’s your turn to create and continue the story.