The story

When I was at university, I went to my pigeon-hole and found a note with a set of keys.

The note said: 

“You have the keys to my heart; here are the keys to my flat.” 

That note came from the man who would become my husband. Over the years, finding that note again and again amongst my belongings spurred on the idea for My Billet Doux. If a little note could create such joy and memories, surely it was something worth keeping in a special place? 

I would love everybody to experience the joy of discovering a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be everyday but I believe just a few words from a loved one, from a friend, a family member can bring so much happiness and can be cherished.

My Billet Doux - What's in the name?

billet-doux /ˌbɪleɪˈduː/ (pronounced bee-yay-doo)

a love letter (literally translated as ‘sweet note)

dated humorous
singular noun: billet-doux; plural noun: billets-doux

1. Message d’amour donné en secret dans le but de séduire
Love note given in secret with the aim to seduce

2. Étui ouvragé destiné à contenir ce message d’amour
Elegant container made to contain this love note

3. my billet doux
The cushion that brings back the art of the love note


The vision

In today’s throwaway and digital age, we’ve lost the art of writing personalised messages that last more than a moment.

Throughout time, hand written letters and notes have helped people fall in love, stay connected, build relationships and convey truths. They preserve moments, human history captured forever.

My Billet Doux™ brings back the thrill and anticipation of receiving a note in a soft, luxurious and unique way. It captures the romance of letter writing, while creating your own written heritage and having a beautiful keepsake in your home.

When was the last time you received a handwritten note?

My Billet Doux is now available to you to use however you like. Each cushion is made with love and captures a sliver of history. It’s your turn to create and continue the story.