My Billet Doux - vintage and antique ribbons


Historic ribbons in our collection

Ribbons have been used for hundreds of years to add adornment to everything from clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, jewellery and hair, to soft furnishings and flowers. We’re continuing this tradition with a piece of ribbon on each of our cushions. 

But these aren’t ordinary ribbons. Our ribbons have a story to tell. 

Some go as far back as the 1800s. Like the collection of ribbons we have from 1858, when an unknown woman headed off on The Grand Tour around Europe, collecting ribbons from every major city she stopped in. Each ribbon is dated and labelled, a keepsake of her travels. 

My Billet Doux antique ribbons

Others come from archives of ribbon manufacturers not in existence any more and are totally unique. Salesmen visiting haberdasheries or fashion houses would have used them to show off their wares. We have been able to create collections out of these old ribbon samples. It’s why you might see the same ribbon in different colourways, but with only enough for a single cushion in each colour. 

We have also collected ribbons from around the world, from different time periods, used in haute couture collections. We use art deco, eighties geometric or figurative ribbons for a variety of styles to suit any home. 

Antique ribbons - detail - My Billet Doux

Each ribbon is very special. We choose the best designs and quality, often in silk, rayon or beautiful cotton weaves. And we include the provenance and story of the ribbon – if we know it – as a note inside your purchase. 

We take our time seeking them out, before adding them with great care to our cushions. We love that we’re adding a little bit of history to a cushion, which will soon have your own history added to it.

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