The World needs more love letters

Dear My Billet Doux

I have just discovered this fantastic website which you might guess from my title is called "The world needs more love letters". The idea is simple but effective- you nominate a person you LOVE and you get the WORLD to write a letter to them. 

I have just written to a girl named Lucy, who is 10 and is bullied at school for her looks. As a mummy of three girls her story pulled on my heart strings and if my little note can cheer her up if only for a moment I feel that I have done something good.

It is quite a strange notion to write to someone you don't know but I really enjoyed thinking what to say and spending a few minutes away from the computer screen. I hope Lucy receives loads of mail. It's a bit like telling someone on the train for example, the woes of your day. It makes you feel good sometimes to communicate with a person you know you will not see again but has cheered you up.

You should look into it too as The World needs more love letters!

Have you every received such a letter? 

See you next time



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