Let's get married twice- two wedding days to celebrate.

We know how very disappointed you must be to not be able to have the wedding you desire right now. But how about creating your own mini ceremony at home? When we are free to roam the world again you can celebrate with your friends and family. Let's look at the positivity- the  best thing about it is you will have two dates to celebrate.


"Dear Luke,
I am so sad we can't hold the wedding we wanted just now, but let's just create our own ceremony and exchange our vows...
We will have two dates to celebrate.
All my love
Alice xx"

Here are some tips to make it extra special and in my next blog we will be including some lovely products/ gifts to inspire you from some people we love.

Decide on a date and write each other a love note- inviting each other to attend.

Order some flowers and a few special gifts for you to open.

Clean the house, order some food and wonderful drinks and lay the table beautifully a day in advance. There are so many restaurants that are doing really special dinning experiences....your 5 courses can be delivered straight to you home.

Make your ceremony intimate- have a shower together and wash each other.  Wash your hair too and blow dry and put some make up on, lovely jewellery your favourite scent.

Get ready in separate rooms and wear something that makes you feel good. Decide on a time when the ceremony will start and switch off all distractions. You can even order a lovely veil which you will then be able to reuse on your big day.

This is just a day for you and for you to be together and let the day flow- write some vows you can read to each other and create lovely keepsakes of your day.

Put some lovely music and dance together.

Capture mini videos and pictures of your day.

See the positives- this is the perfect time to connect with each other on an emotional and physical level without the stress of a big day.

At My Billet Doux we make silk Love note cushions with a secret pocket to hide love notes- why not send one to your other half and suggest an intimate wedding? We also make ring cushions which can be used to exchange rings, vows and small gifts. We want your day to be extra special and for you to have a keepsake of your special day.

If any of these tips resonate or you are going to have an intimate ceremony I would love to know how you created it. Wishing you a magical day.


With love



photos by Bailey & Mitchell

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