5 Valentine’s Day ideas that will keep your loving sweet

At My Billet Doux - we believe that small gestures are the ones that are often the most powerful in a relationship and are the ones that are remembered. These should be done everyday buy why not bring it up a notch this Valentine's day. Here are 5 simple ideas that will bring you closer.



Start the day with some fabulous fruit and make it more exciting by spending time creatively preparing it. You can freeze some yogurt in heart shape molds and pop them out and dipslay on a plate.



Switch your phone off and leave it behind.  Take time to gaze in your loved one’s eyes and hold their hand. No selfies! Pretend it’s a first date and just spend the day or a few hours together just being and as if nobody else exists.



If you go for a walk on the beach, pick up a few pebbles which you can decorate together with stickers, sharpies or paints- Write your names and keep them in a little dish to remind you of this wonderful togetherness.



Sit down together and write each other a poem- you can decide on particular words to use, a theme or if it rhymes. It might remind you of being at school but when you read it to each other I am sure it will bring laughter and tenderness to your relationship.



Scatter  petals all the way to a prepared bath filled with your other half favourite bubble bath or oils- make sure you have towels- robes and slippers prepared. Can you slip in there together?



If you love these ideas share the love with your friends and family so they can get creative too. At My Billet Doux we make cushions with a secret pocket to leave beautiful love notes so why not take your inspiration further here.


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