Rituel gift cushion "Fragment" hot pink set with raspberry aventurine


Our “RITUEL” gift cushion set was conceived to create your own RITUAL at home. It can be used at any point in your journey to find inner peace and follow your own wisdom and most importantly to give time to yourself.

what's in the box

  • Hot pink Indian silk douppion cushion "Fragment"decorated with a 1930-50's gold and pink woven satin trim with embroidered pattern French ribbon. The pocket at the back of the cushion is in Hot pink silk. Cushion size : 39 x 25 cm, feather pad included, Ribbon width :  5.1 cm

  • a sustainably sourced bundle of Palo Santo wood and a selenite bar (11cm)
  • a clear quartz massage wand
  • a smudge stick of the finest Californian sage with Yorkshire lavender (11cm)
  • an organic lavender and flaxseed eye pillow in hot pink
  • a beautiful crystal point raspberry aventurine (approx H:9 cm) 
  • a series of information cards on each item and how to use and affirmations to get you started
  • choose a notebook and pen of your choice
  • Presented in our signature gift box

 This gift box can be used in so many ways to assist you in your morning routine, your yoga or meditation practice.

Use the notebook and pen to write “love notes” to yourself, your affirmations, mantras or even make a note of kind words people have said about you. Keep the notebook in the cushion’s secret pocket and read as often as you need, when your energy or vibe is low for example.

Raspberry aventurine helps to see possibilities, reduces negative thoughts and increases positivityUse to support gratitude, unconditional love and for you to live your life to the fullest. It gives you the strength to create what you desire through action and by encouraging commitment and perseverance.


Palo Santo wood and sage stick for smudging. Premium Californian white sage used for smudging. Smudging is a ceremony to clear negative energies and bring positive ones. It can be used to clear yourself, other people or clean your crystals. It also clears your home of any stagnant energies.Our sustainably-sourced Palo Santo sticks can be used like incense or for ritual smudging.  It can help bring creativity, love, and good fortune into your space. The wood can brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy.

Selenite-cleanses other crystals, clears negative energy and is calming therefore good for meditation.

A lavender eye pillow is an easy, and highly effective way to relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of lavender aromatherapy. Ours is made of Oeko-Tek cotton with a silk cover using organic lavender and organic flaxseeds. The scent should last a couple of years if stored in a cool dry place.

Clear quartz massage wand for spiritual growth, aids with concentration, brings balance and promotes well-being. Use - on your face or body in gentle circular motions with your favourite cream or essential.

The little cards that come with each box will tell you more about each of the items, including uses, benefits and chakras.

* * *

Each cushions comes with a pen and notebook. Please choose your design and colour below.

Green linear
Pink zigzag
Red Grues
Green Feuilles
White Fleurs
Navy Etoiles

Rose gold
Gold and silver

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