"Rayé" Burgundy red silk cushion

Burgundy red silk douppion cushion decorated with an antique, early 1900's Haute Couture jacquard silk grosgrain ribbon by Maison J. Guinard of Lyon. The pocket at the back of the cushion is in Pumpkin orange silk with matching zip.

The Maison Guinard was specialised in novelty ribbons, it is known for its large ribbons, some gold brocaded, also velvet printed and plain ribbons.

Cushion size : 39 x 25 cm, feather pad included

* * *

Each cushions comes with a pen and notebook. Please choose your design and colour below.

Green linear
Pink zigzag
Red Grues
Green Feuilles
White Fleurs
Navy Etoiles

Rose gold
Gold and silver